A Yummy Alien Invasion

Darryl Johnston, a.k.a. @ukgnome and one of our most avid listeners recently posted a picture on Twitter of himself eating a strange confection called Flying Saucers, which are made from rice paper with sherbet inside.

B9YysSBIMAAdX-BHe wrote in his tweet, “Sat on a train eating flying saucers for breakfast and listening to @galacticnetcast #alieninvasion.”  So, after a little back and forth, Darryl offered to send me a bag of my own, along with some other alien and space related candy from England.

Included were a…

  • Star Bar
  • Galaxy Smooth Milk chocolate
  • A box of Magic Stars
  • Haribo candy (Starmix)
  • Kinder Surprise with an Iron Man toy inside

Darryl also threw in a bag of Thornton’s Premium collection chocolate for my lovely wife.

Now, this is one alien invasion that’s going to be very delicious!

Gotta go, got some eating to do!!!



Weird World Weekly #18 – The Legend of Spring Heeled Jack

On this episode of Weird World Weekly, the wheel of weird lands on the “Mythological” category, and the guys talk about the legend of Spring Heeled Jack.  Who was he and why were people so frightened of him.

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The SciFi Geeks Club #40 – JF Dubeau and Our Favorite Movie Robots

On this, the 40th meeting of The SciFi Geeks Club with guest geek JF Dubeau – We run down the biggest sci-fi news of the week, including a surprise saber inspiration, what’s new is old again, a show that Universal is producing,  the actor who will be fighting for the prize, we’re definitely going to see xenomorphs again, a Firefly actress gets cast in a comic book movie and we’ll pick our favorite movie robots.
Guest Geek – JF Dubeau


 Apple designer reveals he influenced that new Star Wars: The Force Awakens lightsaber.


*  New space-set Syfy series Dark Matter adds 2 more Stargate alums.

*  Comic legend Jim Starlin adapting Dreadstar into sci-fi television series.

*  Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Dave Bautista set to play the Kurgan in the Highlander reboot.

*  New Alien Movie Confirmed with Director Neill Blomkamp.

*  Morena Baccarin Joins Deadpool as Female Lead.


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The Alien Invasion #134 – Live From The Nerdatorium

On The Alien Invasion #134 – A story inspired by Tom Delonge’s recent revelations.  Searching, not sending.  A White House Chief of Staff’s shocking Tweet. We learn about the heart shaped UFO in the Craft Corner and discuss our picks for the week.

* Musicians Who Have Claimed Experiences with Aliens


*  Frank Drake Thinks Calling Up Aliens Would Be “Silly”


*  X-Files: John Podesta Regrets Not Telling Us About Aliens.


*  We talk about the heart shaped UFO in the Craft Corner.


* And, our picks;

The Government UFO Files: The Conspiracy of Cover-Up by Kevin D. Randle

Bar Talk

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Weird World Weekly #17 – Little Known Ghost Types

On this episode of Weird World Weekly, the wheel of weird lands on the “Paranormal” category, and the guys talk about Little Known Ghost Types, like the Vortex phenomenon and Etheric Revenants.  What are their characteristics and how to identify them.


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The SciFi Geeks Club #39 – Ryan Gillen


On this, the 39th meeting of The SciFi Geeks Club with guest geek Ryan “The Gillinator” Gillen – We run down the biggest sci-fi news of the week, including a HUGE story from the MCU and a series from the 60’s coming back.  Plus, fewer may be better, the schwartz may be with us again, an 80’s animated series could be coming to life, the hypothetical question and we’ll run down all the Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi films.

 Guest Geek – Ryan “The Gillinator” Gillen


 Spider-Man heading to Marvel cinematic universe


* New Thunderbirds Are Go! trailer introduces the rebooted series’ world

* DC’s New 52 is ending. Sort of

* Mel Brooks says a Spaceballs sequel is in the works

* That live-action Robotech movie is back on track and finally happening again

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